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QStor Mobotix Video Storage

Professional Storage Solution with MOBOTIX Cameras

Based on premium components and the latest MOBOTIX surveillance cameras, QStor QMX products deliver one of the finest solutions of its type. MOBOTIX is the world leader for high resolution video solutions. QStor QMX is a premium network storage solution that comes with Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and a Posix compatible operating system that incorporates a 7 year long expertise in the OEM business for professional video surveillance. Footage recorded through QStor QMX is archived effectively and made available through your networks.

QStor Mobotix Video Storage









Exus 1  


QServ Server Family

Highest performance starts where other give up

All QServ products deliver best performance and reliability. ExuS Technology has more than 20 years of experience and only uses highest quality components from the enterprise segment for QServ products. The combination of extensive knowledge and highest end components guarantees maximum quality of the QServ solutions and products. This begins with the basic 1U server QServ R1040D+ and ends with our top-of-the-line 3U QServ R3080S+.

QServ Server Family




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QStor NAS Family

Optimized Scalability - Powerful with best value

The QStor NAS product family by Exus Technology AG is a professional network storage solution that sets new milestones regarding maximum availability through its professional, high performance server hardware.

QStor NAS Family



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